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Sikh Advisory Board

75 Years of Legacy: History and Contributions to Nation Building

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  • Getting the permission of the Government in 1955 to use 2 Government schools in Waterloo Street on Saturday mornings for the teaching of the Punjabi language to Sikh children.Around 500 Sikh children were taught Punjabi by 17 teachers.All expenses were borne by the Sikh community.These classes went on until 1959 when they were shifted to Khalsa Dharmak Sabha and Sri Guru Singh Sabha.
  • Assisting, coordinating and facilitating the introduction of Sikh Studies in 1983 as a subject to be taught to Sikh students in all Government schools under the Religious Knowledge (RK) compulsory teaching programme introduced by the Government in 1982.This RK programme was phased out in 1989.
  • Setting up of the Singapore Sikh Resource Panel comprising Sikh professionals in December 1989 to address concerns facing the Sikh youth, in particular, and the Sikh community in general.
  • Organising the first Singapore Sikh Lecture series in 1990.
  • Setting up the Singapore Sikh Education Foundation on 30 December 1990 to teach the Punjabi language and Sikh values to Sikh children at 5 Punjabi Language Centres in different parts of the island.
  • Organising the First International Conference on the Punjabi Heritage in June 1992.
  • Seeking and getting Government’s approval to allow each Gurdwara to employ at least 6 foreign temple workers in 1994 with the exception of the Bhai Maharaj Memorial Gurdwara which was given a quota of 4 temple workers.
  • Setting up the Sikh Welfare Council in December 1995 to look after the welfare needs of those in the Sikh community in need of assistance.
  • Getting Government’s approval in 2003 to enlarge the Sikh Advisory Board membership to include representatives from the Central Sikh Gurdwara Board and Gurdwara Sahib Yishun.
  • Setting up the Sikh Advisory Board website ( ) in December 2006.
  • Presenting the Project Fateh report in 2007 that focussed on ways to arrest the conversion of Sikhs to other faiths.
  • Seeking and getting Government’s approval to use the washing facilities in the hospital mortuaries in 6 public hospitals for the bathing of deceased Sikhs in the year 2008 and 2009.
  • Organising the inaugural Sikh Retreat in 2011 themed “ Moving the Sikh Community Forward in a Multi-Ethnic Society”.
  • Helping to set up the Coordinating Council of Sikh Institutions (CCSI) in August 2014.